We manage all stages of the development process from opportunity sourcing, deal structuring, and financing, to planning, design, and project management;

Opportunity Sourcing

  • Bespoke and proactive opportunity sourcing
  • Market Research
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Due Diligence

Development Management

  • Deal Structuring
  • Best-Use Analysis
  • Oversee planning & design process
  • Financing
  • • Operator Identification, where needed
  • Defining exit strategies

In addition to our operational services, we offer invaluable support in crafting effective marketing and exit strategies.


Corvus Invest provides tailored opportunity sourcing based on the needs and unique requirements of our clients. We identify a portfolio of properties for investment or development, provide in-depth knowledge about the markets and assist our clients in entering a new real estate market to expand their businesses.

We create synergies among the UK development community and Corvus Invest’s network of international investors and co-developers, which greatly facilitates our effectiveness with development opportunities.

Global Collaborations

We value the establishment of strategic partnerships and collaborations. We connect our clients to other key stakeholders in the UK and EU real estate markets to achieve successful project outcomes. We create strategic partnerships for the achievement of outstanding projects.

Furthermore, our close collaboration with real estate investment funds in the UK supports our commitment to holistic success.


We oversee all stages of the development management process for our clients through an in-house team specifically established for each project from opportunity sourcing, deal structuring, and financing, to planning, design, and project management.


We assist our clients during the due diligence and deal structuring process and provide them with the necessary legal and tax consultancy services by connecting them to reputable professionals and consultants with expertise. In essence, we oversee and monitor the complete investment and development cycle on behalf of our clients.


We assist our clients in finding the project financing necessary for their investment and development projects in the UK and EU markets, by connecting them with financial institutions and investors that offer favourable terms.